Slow down,  now stop.  Look around.  
Isn't it amazing how much more you see when you step off the treadmill? When you abandon daily habit and let your feet take you where they want to go?
Little things are fascinating, and so often, they are so much more important than those big things, after all.
I'm moving at a steady pace. One quarter of an inch at a time, stitch by stitch,  Weaving my daily canvas, which is made out of little, not important things, like listening to music and making coffee.
I Make that perfect cup of coffee, which takes time and cannot be rushed, otherwise it will be ruined.  I can’t afford to have this cup of coffee be imperfect. 
It takes time to make something that will bring satisfaction into your life, And this is what I know about myself so far.
Oh . . . And that I was born in wonderful month of June.