In collaboration with you, I will create a

one-of-a-kind leather piece on commission. 

Please note:

Minimum order amount for custom work  is $350 USD

Creative Process, Leon Litinsky
on this photograph you can see the entire progress of making a unique piece of work.  from working on the idea, drawing sketches, choosing materials, making prototype, and finally leather piece that as unique as you are.
(click on image to see full size)

1. Your Preferences
When you contact me for a custom order, please provide your preferences: 


  • style 

  • type of leather

  • color 

  • number of compartments

  • size 

  • intended use of the bag

Note: It would also be very helpful if you could include images of other pieces that you like and want me to consider before I start working on your order.

2. Cost Estimate
Based on your ideas, and before starting on the sketches, I’ll provide an approximate cost of the project. 

10% of the total cost due at this stage before sharing design sketches with you.

3. Design Sketches

Once I show you the design sketches, you can review them and ask me to make any changes you see fit. 

If, for any reason, after showing you the sketches, you decide to cancel your order, the 10% will not be refunded back to you.

4. Choice of Materials

Choosing the best leather and hardware is an important step, and I will provide options that you will be able to pick from. 

By now, I will be able to provide a definite cost of the whole project. I need to receive another 40% of the deposit to get started on the piece. 

5. Final Product
Throughout the process,  I’ll share the progress with you. I also reserve the right to make some minor changes to the design as part of the creative process.

Once the piece is done, I need to receive the remaining 50% of the cost of the project before shipping it to you. Before you submit the payment, you can request photos of the project for review.

Upon receiving your order, I’d love to  know what you think of it. Thank you!