SKU: BC17612

This is a 1960 “Duffy” bicycle, fully restored, with all original parts (including tires).
L.E.D. lights, which compliment its style, have been added on for safety. 
The paint is left untouched to show the true character of the bicycle.
Leather accessories are made out of top quality vegetable-tanned leather. The leather will get darker over time and become a marvelous umber color.
Some protective coats have been applied to make the leather water repellent.
Front and back bags are removable.
A strap, made to be attached to the front bag, is wrapped around the frame.
The blanket carrier on the back has a pouch bag attached to it.
It can be removed and used as a phone case and small item carrier that can be worn on the belt.

This bicycle took part in a month long art exhibition as an "Object of Art."

It rides like a charm and is also very comfortable.

Please note: Photos with dark background are taken recently when leather becomes darker, due to a natural aging process (light & air).