SKU: B17008

Made out of legendary Kentucky baseball glove leather and all American solid-brass hardware. It has a detachable universal phone case in the back. It also comes with a matching key fob.

Front edge of the main compartment (under the flap) has a scar with visible stiching done most likely by the veterinarian. I had to remove piece of leather (to make the bag more comfortible) where two more scars (paralel to the remaining one) were clearly visible. My guess, it was a bear attack.


The last photo shows a change that I made to the bag after taking the rest of the pictures.  I decided to add another two closures to the sides of the bag to prevent "sagging" of the side walls under the top of the flap.

Also those elements added extra security to the bag.


Size: 17" W x 7" H x 8" D