SKU: B17612

This bag made out of top quality vegatable tanned (in Belgium) leather.

I took a minimalistic aproach, but in order to fulfill my idea, I had to create complicated templates, so virtually every side has a little curve and becomes three dimentional.  This is very subtle element, but it makes this bag very "rich" looking. All hardware is Italian solid brass.  Magnetic closure on the to of the bag is not really strong.  Most likely it will not keep the bag in a closed position when you're carrying it.

But when it's standing, this closure should keep the bag closed.

Please note: On one of the sides of the bag you can see letter "P."  This branding is done to distinquish one cow herd from another. Among leather product collectors, this is most desirable part of the hide.


Size: 18” W x 12 ½” H x 3 ¾” D
Non-adjustable handles are  9 ½” measured from the top of the ba, to the inner section of the handles.